Living Free From High Fructose Corn Syrup

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High Fructose Corn Syrup or HFCS, is in nearly everything we eat or drink today. It is a controversial ingredient derived from corn that is cheap to produce and shuttle around than sugar. The controversy is with it’s health implications, some believe it is harmful, some believe otherwise, yet there is hardly any evidence to swing the vote either way. It’s amazing that HFCS is an ingredient in just about everything we eat, yet almost no one knows anything about it.

That brings me into the picture. I’m out to see if HFCS is really as bad as some believe it to be. As of yesterday I was like every other average Joe out there that didn’t give a hoot that there was some corn in his sugar. I’m going to see if HFCS affects my weight, health, and overall well being by depriving myself of it for as long as possible. Meanwhile I will be researching all I can about HFCS, trying as best as I can to show both sides of the story and educated the public as much as possible.

This being my first post it is void of any solid information, the following posts will include more research.


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